Distribution Manager


We have a system in place which on the whole works well.


It could do with a little updating in the way it is presented, and the information it supplies.


Some of our information needs inputting and updating.



How the system works.


We have 12 main Distributors.


At present, these distributors have their magazines dropped off to them.


Before Covid, the distributors used to collect their magazines from the Wallingford Sports Club.


We find the new system to be working well. The new distribution manger may become involved in this task.


The Distributors deliver the magazines to the individual deliverers.


Each Distributor is given their own monthly sheet of deliverers giving information on:


Where/Who to deliver too.


How many magazines each deliverer needs.


Any instructions as to best time of day to drop magazines off.


Where to leave them etc.


These sheets are the same each month but will have notes on, if there are any changes in number of

magazines, deliverers who have changed, any drops not needed that month.


The distributors drop the magazines off to the deliverers who in turn deliver the

magazines through people’s doors. Thus, delivering approximately 4000 magazines to Wallingford.


A remarkable system really that generally works. We occasionally have a few hiccups which the distribution manager would oversee sorting out.



The problems we have encountered:


Magazines are being double delivered.


A round did not get done.


A deliverer did not have enough magazine or too many.


Someone moved without telling us.


Some magazines need picking up or dropping off.




We have a list of volunteers who will help us on an ad hoc basis and a list who are happy to take over if

someone drops out. This information needs keeping up to date.


The sheets and all the information contained in them, any changes in volunteers, any replacement volunteers needed, any new volunteers needed, any new rounds that need doing, any rounds that need splitting up as they are too big, any new houses that have been built and need magazines delivered to are all part of the Distribution Managers job.


The system is all set up and working well, so it is only occasionally that rounds will need to be split or new volunteers found etc.


The sheets must be checked each month and sent out to the person who delivers to the distributors.




Skills, attributes needed in our Distribution Manager.


Sense of humour.










Has a computer or laptop.


Understands Excel.


Can use email.


Can use Face Book.


Preferably has a car.


Is contactable by phone.


The Distribution Manager is a particularly important role to us, it does only take a few hours each month.

We are a small, happy team of volunteers at WoW.  Working together to create what we consider to be a

well-produced, informative, great looking, magazine.


Delivered to over 4000 individual homes and businesses in and around Wallingford monthly.


If becoming our Distribution Manager sounds like something you would enjoy and be good at.


Please contact me.



07980 291995